Jun. 23rd, 2009

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I see now that things here are not done as they are in my world.

Where I am from, neutralizing the perpetrator of more despicable crimes is only one concern. The second is making sure they do not forget what happens if they do such things.

I once took down a ring of men who forced children to engage in sexual acts on film, for their sick pleasure. After this, I beat them for it. I do not feel bad for doing so. Is it wrong that I did this? To me, it is not. It was not robbery; it was not a bar-fight; it was not vandalism. It was the defilement of children. That, like kidnapping and the beating of defenseless women, are not things I have ever dealt with lightly.

I did not know such a soft hand was the way of things on this ship. Had I, I would not have acted as is customary for me back home.

However, I will now "go along to get along." I have spoken to Angel, he who mans security here, and I will play by his rules from this day forward. No longer will inmates have anything to fear from me if they've already been "handled" by another warden, whether I feel they should pay further or not.

That is all.


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