Jul. 2nd, 2009

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That man who shot me did better than I'd first assumed. I have a nice little trench dug out in the flesh above my collarbone. The loss of blood caught up to me after all was said and done--I had thought it a mere glance in the heat of the moment and paid little attention. It hurts enough now to make up for that mistake! Luckily, the bullet did not remain. It looks to heal very well in time.

I followed orders that day. No more, no less. So those who might think to run their tongues about protocol to me should know that I did not break it this time.

[Private to Rayne]
I told the cowboy I would not touch him again unless given reason. He gave me reason.

They did not harm you at all, did they? West, Charlie and his ilk?

[Private to Angel]
How have you fared since the battle's end? Are you still small?


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