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2009-10-17 01:10 am

-011 // Auf Wiedersehen (will ICly respond to comments!)

Such a short time I have been here! And yet I already weary at so many things, not the least of which is the absence of my love.  I return home now.  This place may allow me to perform my calling, but it is empty without Marie. So I will do my best to resume what I do there, solo. I will not let the small-minded defeat me.

Rayne. You, in particular, I will miss. You keep on doing as you do, ja? You are the sanest one here, and my friend. I will tell my girl-friend about you. I think she would take to you as I did.

Good-bye to you all, and, God willing, may our paths never cross again.
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2009-10-06 04:56 pm

-010 // Ursula is displeased!

Dear heaven, cowboy! Do you never bathe? It is a shower for your body, right now, much as I loathe the thought of touching your disgusting parts. Then a haircut, and a shave.

I also require a loan of clean clothing from a man.

[Private to Security]
This is The Silhouette. Charlie has access to my room, and therefore my weapons.

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2009-09-20 11:45 pm

-009 // post-deborgification, far more traumatized than she'll let on


Never before has an unfortunate confrontation kept me under medical attention for so long. I was taken down trying to stop the first offspring, and as injury is a risk of the job, I do not blame this person. They were not who they are.

I hear around that someone has killed the Blöde Fotze who did these things. I say good. I say all of that sort, those who destroy the differences in people in search of superiority, they deserve their comeuppance. Of course I say this as an individual and not as a warden.

Zoisite. Report in if you would, please.

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2009-09-02 12:02 am

-008 // Private to Zoisite

Stay in your room and lock your door. Answer it for none but me, until I tell you otherwise. There has been a murder.

I trust you were not involved, and this had better be the case.
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2009-08-06 04:44 pm

-007 // in port (as herself)

It seems as if I am a gladiator for my first port. Gladiatoress, perhaps?

A fine choice indeed. Do I have the option of participating in the Colosseum? It matters not, as I will anyway. My first port seems to be a good one.

Zoisite. Where are you?
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2009-07-02 03:18 am

-006 // after keeping a low profile for a few days...

That man who shot me did better than I'd first assumed. I have a nice little trench dug out in the flesh above my collarbone. The loss of blood caught up to me after all was said and done--I had thought it a mere glance in the heat of the moment and paid little attention. It hurts enough now to make up for that mistake! Luckily, the bullet did not remain. It looks to heal very well in time.

I followed orders that day. No more, no less. So those who might think to run their tongues about protocol to me should know that I did not break it this time.

[Private to Rayne]
I told the cowboy I would not touch him again unless given reason. He gave me reason.

They did not harm you at all, did they? West, Charlie and his ilk?

[Private to Angel]
How have you fared since the battle's end? Are you still small?

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2009-06-23 07:14 pm

-005 // public announcement!

I see now that things here are not done as they are in my world.

Where I am from, neutralizing the perpetrator of more despicable crimes is only one concern. The second is making sure they do not forget what happens if they do such things.

I once took down a ring of men who forced children to engage in sexual acts on film, for their sick pleasure. After this, I beat them for it. I do not feel bad for doing so. Is it wrong that I did this? To me, it is not. It was not robbery; it was not a bar-fight; it was not vandalism. It was the defilement of children. That, like kidnapping and the beating of defenseless women, are not things I have ever dealt with lightly.

I did not know such a soft hand was the way of things on this ship. Had I, I would not have acted as is customary for me back home.

However, I will now "go along to get along." I have spoken to Angel, he who mans security here, and I will play by his rules from this day forward. No longer will inmates have anything to fear from me if they've already been "handled" by another warden, whether I feel they should pay further or not.

That is all.
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2009-06-21 09:40 pm

-004 // backdated to a little after Charlie asks someone who can remove a bullet to help him out

Reading this now, I see Rose has asked for much the same thing. Now, however, I must amend her request.

Two or more people must come to Charlie Prince's room. There is another inmate here with him, an Englishman with hair cut close to his skull. Charlie called him "West." Both must visit the infirmary before anyone is taken to Level 0. Medical attention is very much required.

I will also be requiring medical aid. Make sure they are administered to first.
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2009-06-09 03:32 pm

-003 // post-flood

I do not know who this Aleera is. Whoever you are, know this: I am not interested in you. That "flood," as everyone is calling it? Made me unlike myself. I am not looking for anyone' that manner.

My darling tut mir leid, bitte vergib mir.

[OOC: "I'm sorry, please forgive me."]

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2009-06-03 03:54 pm

-002 // hot foreign exchange student (her English is bad)

Guten tag! It is perhaps not so very good to join new school so late in year. But I am happy to be here! I am Ursula Zandt from Austria. I am exchange student.

Anyone feels like showing me about the grounds?
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2009-05-30 08:10 pm

-001 // she's only been here for a little while so far...

I wonder what my dear Marie would think, to see this place. Of course, she knows of the evils of the world. She is not a child...

She is not naive. But to be in such a place as this, which is like a prison, but one which lets its criminals live outside seems to make the point of justice something smaller than it should be. Where I am from, people like myself, we do not do this. We lock up the rapists and the murderers and the thieves, to keep them from doing those things again. We do not coddle them in this way. We do not concern ourselves with wondering if they are sick in their minds. We only do what needs to be done.

So if I am to be here, I suppose I have new ways of thinking to learn about, ja?