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Name:Ursula Zandt (The Silhouette)

Name: Ursula Zandt, aka "The Silhouette"
Age: late 20s/early 30s
Gender: Female
Inmate or Warden: Warden
Item: Small leather-bound notebook
Profession: Ex-masked vigilante
From the start of her adulthood, Ursula Zandt had already begun to solidify her strong beliefs. At the age of 15, she was arrested for hitting a policeman. The officer had wolf-whistled at her from across the street as she was walking somewhere; she stopped in her tracks, crossed the street, and struck him. It is these values that led her to eventually take up the calling of hero.

She is Jewish and was born and raised in Austria. She fled her home country as a young adult, to avoid the spread of Nazi Germany's power. She later became an American citizen.

In 1939, Urusla first made the papers by exposing a child pornography ring, beating the publisher and his two cameramen in the process. This was the first time she used her hero moniker, The Silhouette. Later that year, she answered an ad in the Gazette attempting to recruit more masked vigilantes, and became the first female member of The Minutemen, a group of heroes who worked together in an attempt to control violence in their area. She proved hard to get along with for some of the other members, and perhaps that is why none of them stood up for her when it counted.

On V-J Day, she was photographed taking part in the celebrations by kissing a female nurse (named Anne-marie here, out of necessity for a name). Bad press built up surrounding her "lifestyle;" even some of her colleagues (Sally Jupiter, in particular) felt as if the costumed-hero routine was a fetish for her, solely due to her sexuality. In 1946, she was unanimously expelled from the Minutemen to reduce P.R. damage, despite not being the only gay member. She was, however, the only outed gay member, and that, plus the fact that one of the other two homosexual members was the leader of the group and her controversial personality, were stacked against her. She was forced to retire, but remained in a relationship with her lover despite what the press had to say.

She took up a warden position on the Barge in order to continue what she feels to be her calling. She and her partner made the relationship "open" for her time away, as Ursula refused to make her partner put her life on hold just for her sake (despite the fact that neither of them are actively looking for another relationship to fill the gap). She does plan to return somewhere down the line and resume her normal life.
HOODED JUSTICE: "We should avoid political situations."
SILHOUETTE: "Perhaps the Poles thought so too, eh?"

I am (obviously) not Ursula Zandt/The Silhouette, nor am I Apollonia Vanova. I'm not affiliated with any of the people involved with the graphic novel or the film. I'm not making money from this, and I claim no ownership of the character...although I would love to have her in bed. ;D
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